Hi, Welcome to ♥crystals + threads = chain♥, a place that
you can find fine products made from combination of Swarovski Pearls, Glassstone, Crystals, etc.

At ♥crystals + threads = chain♥, you can find accessories such as bracelets & earrings. All of our items are made of genuine Swarovski Crystal beads and pearls. Quality is guaranteed.

Do not hesitate to contact us..
phone : 0172222676
email : mazura.azlina@yahoo.com.my

Reza Hafize
phone : 0129177036
email : reza_rafiza@yahoo.com

when some items catch your eyes. We do accept custom order.
Just tell us the color or minor changes you wish on any of my art pieces and we will accommodate it.

Happy Shopping :)

Blue Sufi & Daisy

Daisy - RM 75

Blue Suffi - RM 80

Purple Lady

Purple Lady - RM 75

Garden Lux

Garden Lux - RM 75
Garden Lux I - RM 75
Garden Lux II - RM 75

Sweet Anabelle

Sweet Anabelle - RM 75

Rainbow Spy

Rainbow Spy - RM75

Garden Rose

Garden Rose - RM75

Dora Beads

Dora Beads - RM 23
Dora Beads II - RM 23
Dora Beads III - RM 23